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Chäkoda Design

Unique Theme Prop 

Rentals & Event Design

Travel Prop rentals

Airplane Row Seats prop Rental:$

Row of 3 attached airplane seats/must be delivered/airplane seats prop rental/airport prop rentals/airplane theme event/

Jumbo Passport prop rental:$

airplane prop rentals/airport prop rentals/airport theme event/airplane theme event

Airport airplane theme event

airport airplane theme prop rentals/travel the world prop rentals

Airplane Silver shelf Unit prop rental:$500.00

must be delivered/airplane prop rentals/airport prop rentals

Airplane seats row prop rental:$

Airplane seats prop rental/airport prop rentals/airplane prop rentals

Airport Check in gate entrance prop rental:$

airport theme prop rentals/must be delivered/airport prop rentals/

White Pegged wall prop rental:$

8ft x 8ft/must be delivered/one sided only/airport prop rentals/airplane prop rentals